Colonel Harold Wilberforce Clifton

Colonel Sir Harold Wilberforce Clifton is a former British colonel and secret agent of MI5, Her Majesty’s domestic intelligence service. He has retired from the service, but has to do tricky jobs for the British government (MI5 or MI6, the foreign intelligence service) or for Scotland Yard time and again. With a mixture of British composure and irascibility as well as humour, he masters every situation.


Clifton lives near London in Puddington with his long-time housekeeper Miss Partridge, who is famous for her award-winning goulash. Clifton drives a red MG with the registration number LKP 323, which suffers greatly in almost all the stories, but is always lovingly repaired.


Clifton’s other hobbies are the Boy Scouts, his cats and his collection of cigar belly bands. In the course of the plot of “Mortelle saison” he was knighted for his services in rescuing a member of the royal family.

Many thanks to Turk for permission to use his comics!